One of our best sellers here at Pingui Designs, the Gerald is a hit with everyone. Because of his unusual placing, it adds a certain intrigue to the piece. The fun quality of the way it has been painting adds excitement.

Our pieces are playful and made to be worn with the intention of having a great time! When you show people that the giraffe neck goes along the arm, people will be amazed and the added detail of the spots along the other arm really tie this piece together.

  • Unisex sizing S - 34/36" 8-10 Women's M - 38/40" 10-12 Women's L - 42/44" 14-16 Women's XL - 46/48" 16-18 Women's
  • Unique design that goes along both arms
  • Hand painted
  • Warm and soft sweatshirt made from 70% cotton and 30% polyester
  • Fabric paint is environmentally friendly and kind to the skin
  • Paint has been heat treated, meaning the design can be washed as normal and will not disappear

So why not put a bit of extra colour in your life? Make today the day you show people your personality through the clothing you wear. Show them what kind of day you want today to be!

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