About me



I'm Eloisa, the maker, designer and creator of Pingui Designs. Where does the name come from you ask? No it wasn't after Pingu the penguin! Ask my sister... she came up with it while my Mum was pregnant! It's pronounced Ping-gee or Pingy. It's the nickname I've had since I was a foetus and thought it would be a good name for my business, because foetus' grow, just like businesses grow!

I graduated from the University of Brighton in 2013 with a BA in 3D Materials Practice where I specialised in metals and plastics. My love of colour, materials and fun followed me throughout my time there and I specialised in making toys for kids with emotional and behavioural problems. This lead me to design toys for M&S and get scouted by Lego and then my love of all things fun lead me to start up this business.

So when I talk about 'we' I mean me, as I'm the one that makes, designs and paints everything you see here, but it wouldn't have happened without all my family and friends behind the scenes, so I feel as though it is more 'we' than 'me.' 

This is the start of a big adventure for me and will hopefully open up many doors in the future. I just want to make things that make people happy and make people smile when they see them and wear them. Put a bit of sunshine in people's lives!

I hope you join me in my quest to fill the world with a bit of sunshine, one jumper at a time!

Lots of love

Eloisa (Pingui)